Urban Beard Oil

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Urban Beard Oil

Portland Beard Oil is for any man looking to soften their beard, add weight to his beard creating a smooth, clean look. Also for the man who wants to grow a beard but hates the itchy stages when it first starts to grow.

The restoration properties to the hair and skin are key. Portland Beard Company prides itself on using the finest oils. Starting with the base -all natural argan oil, know around the world as Liquid Gold .

You can use it anytime. For best results after you shower dry your beard and apply a few drops (3-4) to your palm or fingers, rub into your beard or comb. Can be used several times a day, depends on the size of your beard. TIP: works great before combing to reduce the amount of hair pulled out during grooming.


Urban Oil: Created using all natural Argan Oil. Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E which promotes excellent moisture retention and will reduce flaking of your skin. Whether your growing out your beard or maintaining it,  Argan oil will keep it soft and healthy. We also added Meadowfoam seed oil, which rejuvenates and adds shine to your beard Without it feeling greasy. Meadowfoam is native to Northern California and Southern Oregon.  Keeping it Local!! Lastly we added a few drops of essential oils- leaving this oil Unscented.