Jessica Louise Hard to Get

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Jessica Louise Hard to Get

Jessica's jewlery is one of our favorites and most popular.  He comes from the woods of southern Illinois and hand makes each peice of wearable art!


Handmade hammered copper earrings in a classic geometric arrow shape with a distressed finish. Hung on 2" antiqued brass chain and on nickel-free ear wire. Feminine and distinct. Minimalist yet defined.


Message from the artist:

About How It's Made:
All chain, unless otherwise specified, is ordered as soldered links. This makes it extremely durable-- even the tiny 1.1 mm chains. Additionally, I use either work hardened brass jump rings, soldered mixed-metal jump rings, or soldered fine silver handmade jump rings. I have personally time tested these connections and have yet to pull anything apart. I stand by the quality of my work and offer full customer satisfaction guarantee.

Each brass or copper two-dimensional piece is hand cut with a jewelry saw from sheet metal. It is then hand filed, and finished with a specific technique-- textured pieces are hammered on my wood stove for example. Once finished, all pieces are coated with wax to protect their finish.

However, copper and brass are alloys that age quickly and naturally, and therefore have a "living finish." This means that all brass or copper pieces will continue to age naturally on their own, especially relative to a person's body chemistry or environmental factors such as humidity. As the pieces darken naturally, the patina deepens. I have seen brass and copper age very slowly (as with a favorite customer of mine who's skin chemistry simply does not affect the metal) or very quickly (as with my own chemistry or with high humidity). All pieces are specially finished as part of the design. I do not recommend doing anything to the pieces to change their finish, such as attempting to buff or sand them to a brighter finish.

NOTE ***Pieces with a dark patina are not recommended to be excessively worn in water-- water, especially with soap, will fade the patina over time.