Jessica Louise Bullet Necklace

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Jessica Louise Bullet Necklace

Jessica's jewlery is one of our favorites and most popular.  He comes from the woods of southern Illinois and hand makes each peice of wearable art!


Rock crystal quartz jewelry is popular for the practicality: wear your protective, healing, deeply spiritual amulet and look good doing it! As a karmatic plus, it is a handmade necklace, designed and constructed with positive energy, and that your purchase of supports an artist and her dream! Universal win-win! Charge and use this handmade necklace as a metaphysical pendulum or healing crystal or one of many, many spiritual uses.

Not particularly spiritual? Good thing this necklace looks stunning with every possible outfit! When don't gold and white crystal colors look amazing together? Wear this daily, or save for special occasions. We find it attractive over simple colors. Looks absolutely sexy hanging out on a summer day, maybe layered with other handmade necklaces, Corona in hand, sunglasses large, on the shores of a shimmering lake.